Past Portfolio Companies

Phone Appli Inc.
Company Name Phone Appli Inc.
Invested 2017/10
EXIT 2018/8
Business Online Communication Service’s development & sales
Company Name HEROZ Inc.
Invested Jun. 2009
EXIT Apr. 2018 (IPO, Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS: 4382)
Business Providing AI technology utilized Internet services
Agile Media Network, Inc.
Company Name Agile Media Network, Inc.
Invested Sep. 2009
EXIT Mar. 2018 (IPO, Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS: 6573)
Business Conversational marketing with social media
Monstar Lab, Inc.
Company Name Monstar Lab, Inc.
Invested 2014/9
EXIT 2018年2月
Business Operating global outsourcing platform “Sekai Lab”
Techpoint, Inc. (IPO, Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS: 6697)
Company Name Techpoint, Inc. (IPO, Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS: 6697)
Invested May. 2014
EXIT Sep. 2017 (IPO, Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS: 6697)
Business A fabless semiconductor company that develops and sells analog integrated circuits transmitting HD video of security surveillance and automotive camera
Net-Marketing Corporation
Company Name Net-Marketing Corporation
Invested Mar. 2008
EXIT Mar. 2017 (IPO, Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ: 6175)
Business Affiliate advertisement agent
nana music, Inc.
Company Name nana music, Inc.
Invested 2015/2
EXIT 2017/1(Acquired by LTD)
Business Providing a smartphone app named “nana”, by which a user can enjoy virtual music sessions with other app users in the world through a smartphone’s microphone
Company Name Shanon,Inc.
Invested 2014/12
EXIT 2017/1 (IPO, Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS: 3976)
Business Providing Marketing platform “Shanon Marketing Platform” for BtoB marketing
ReNet Japan Group,inc.
Company Name ReNet Japan Group,inc.
Invested 2014/8
EXIT 2016/12 (IPO, Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS: 3556)
Business Operating Online Books,DVDs,Luxury resale store
Ruby Groupe, Inc
Company Name Ruby Groupe, Inc
Invested Oct. 2013
EXIT 2015/11
Business EC outsourcing for fashion brands
Showcase-TV Inc.
Company Name Showcase-TV Inc.
Invested Aug. 2012
EXIT 2015/3 (IPO, Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS: 3909)
Business Web-site optimization service provider
Ubiquisys Ltd. (UK)
Company Name Ubiquisys Ltd. (UK)
Invested Aug. 2012
EXIT May. 2013 (Acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc.)
Business 3G/LTE small cell base stations
SHIMAUMA Print System, Inc.
Company Name SHIMAUMA Print System, Inc.
Invested Apr. 2012
EXIT Nov. 2012 (Acquisition)
Business Web-based photo printing service
sMedio, Inc.
Company Name sMedio, Inc.
Invested Mar. 2012
EXIT 2015/3 (IPO, Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS: 3913)
Business Multimedia software for digital appliances, smartphone and tablets
SiTime Corporation (USA)
Company Name SiTime Corporation (USA)
Invested Aug. 2011
EXIT 2014/12 (Acquired by MegaChips Corporation)
Business MEMS-based silicon timing solutions
Nihon Gigei, Inc.
Company Name Nihon Gigei, Inc.
Invested Nov. 2010
EXIT Aug. 2013 (Acquired by Netyear Group Corporation)
Business Development of cloud-based business applications and other systems
MobileFactory, Inc.
Company Name MobileFactory, Inc.
Invested Sep. 2006
EXIT Sep. 2011
Business Affiliate advertisement services for mobile phones
Asia Media Co., Ltd. (China)
Company Name Asia Media Co., Ltd. (China)
Invested Sep. 2005
EXIT Apr. 2007 (IPO, Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS: 2149)
Business Television guide channels in China
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