MIC Menbers

Kan EbisawaPresident & CEO

Prior to joining MIC, Kan worked at Sony, Corporation. where he engaged in the digital optical disk field as the device, system, software engineer at first. After conducting the technology strategy in the R&D area of the material device system and corporate technology strategy in IT and software areas, he launched Play Station's network business, gained experience in business integration of hardware and network, creation of new business, business transfer, etc.

B.A. in Eng., Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)

Arata MotokiManaging Director

Prior to joining MIC, Arata worked at NGB Corporation, where he provided research and consulting services for the strategic use of intellectual property rights including novelty search, infringement search, technology analysis based on patent information, etc.

MBA, Waseda Business School (MOT course), Waseda University(Tokyo, Japan)

M. Eng. and B. Eng., Keio University (Tokyo, Japan)

Takashi YamanakaManaging Director

Prior to joining MIC in September 2003, Takashi worked at Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. formerly The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited. Takashi was engaged in financial products sales, foreign exchange, and corporate finance at the headquarters and Osaka branch, mainly in charge of major electronics manufacturers and start-up companies. Takashi was appointed as a director of MIC in June 2010  and was appointed as a CEO in April 2015.

Director of Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA)

B.A. in Economics, The University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

Yosuke YamanakaPrincipal

Prior to joining MIC, Yosuke worked at NTT EAST Corporation, where he engaged in implementation of various healthcare systems, including EMR (Electronic Medical Record), as well as planning and development of new business for healthcare customers.

Yosuke gained rich experience of system proposal and project management of system implementation. In addition, he worked on market and technical research, business planning, and strategic alliances.

M. Ag., The University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

B. Sc., Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences (Tokyo, Japan)

Daiki TsunoInvestment Officer

Prior to joining MIC, Daiki worked at Mizuho Financial Group, Inc., where he is engaged in M&A advisory, acquisition finance, structured finance, etc. Experience projects such as electrical machinery, chemistry, medical equipment, transportation etc., mainly in the communication and IT industry. After that he was in charge of India, APEC, etc. at the International Bureau of the Ministry of Finance.

B. A. in Economics., The University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

Chunting MiaoInvestment officer

Prior to MIC, Chunting worked at Nomura Research Institute Inc. for 4 years as software engineer, where he provided user requirements analysis, design, programming in the devlopment and participate in project management as a sub-leader.

B. Eng., Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo, Japan)

Rinko kikutaniInvestment officer

Prior to joining MIC, Rinko worked at Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. Later, she joined Yahoo Japan, She directed internet advertising business development projects. After that Rinko was engaged in the business development of advertising agency and consulting service in Yahoo Japan related joint venture, mainly responsible for the overall project management and management strategy.

B. Letters., Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto, Japan)

Kenzo KimuraInvestment Officer

Prior to joining MIC, Kenzo worked at Osaka Gas Co., Ltd, where he was engaged in planning of strategy for natural disaster reduction,working on data analysis and implementation of systems. Later, he joined East Japan Railway Company and responsible for prject management of barrier-free construction of railway stations.

M. Ag., The University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

B. Ag., The University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)