Kan Ebisawa | Chairman/Partner Kan Ebisawa | Chairman/Partner


The year 1999, when Mobile Internet Capital (MIC) was established, was also the year when the ADSL service for individuals started in Japan, and the transition from Narrowband to Broadband began.
It was also a year when various types of information became available on mobile phones. Since then, the digitization of the economy has developed at an accelerated pace.
MIC has grown with the development of IT. As the wave of IT has reached all industries, the investment field has expanded from a time when the pure IT field was the main target, to a wide range of fields such as the healthcare, cloud services, entertainment, robotics, and mobility fields. Regarding the growth stage of companies, we have compiled a track record of supporting startups in each phase from the seed stages all up to later stages.
When investing, MIC looks at the core strengths of a startup.
A startup’s ability to compete changes depending on its Product / Application / Service.
After investing, we will work closely with startups, including collaborations between internal and external teams, to provide optimal support for each company. These types of efforts have resulted in IPO’s and M&A’s of many current investments.
MIC will continue to create a better society based on innovation through investment and support for startups.

Prior to joining MIC, Kan worked at Sony, Corporation. where he engaged in the digital optical disk field as the device, system, software engineer at first. After conducting the technology strategy in the R&D area of the material device system and corporate technology strategy in IT and software areas, he launched Play Station’s network business, gained experience in business integration of hardware and network, creation of new business, business transfer, etc.

B.A. in Eng., Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)

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